American Beaver

In North American beavers, 50% have pale brown fur, 25% are reddish brown, 20% are brown and 6% are blackish. Beaverhead Treasures only uses USA sourced Beaver.



American Bison

Bison hide grain is more distinct than cowhide leather grain, with a more earthy or rustic look. The grain and texture is bold, pronounced with larger, natural pebbling and wrinkling. The hides are naturally more scarred and marked than most leathers. Since the American bison is often called buffalo, bison leather is sometimes known as "buffalo leather". However, the American bison is not related to the Asian water buffalo, which is the only animal that can truly lay claim to the name "buffalo." Beaverhead Treasures only uses USA sourced Bison.



American CowhideCowhide is durable, comfortable, breathable and chafe-resistant. Cowhide is easy to care for, because it is dirt and water-resistant. Cowhide is much heavier than goatskin, and it is one of the heaviest leathers. It takes the shape of the wearer, and is broken in easily. Cowhide also has a pebble grain exterior. High-end cowhide is soft and supple. Calfskin is made from young calves and is soft, fine, lightweight leather with a high shine. Beaverhead Treasures uses high quality hides primarily from the USA, England and Italy.


New Zealand DeerskinDeerskin leather is an extremely soft, supple and luxurious leather. It's stretchable, lightweight, breathable, and durable. It molds to the feet and body with repeated wear, and is ranked as the third strongest leather available. One of the unique aspects of deerskin is that is can be repeatedly wetted and dried without incurring damage. Beaverhead Treasures uses locally sourced Montana, and farm raised New Zealand Deerskin.



Elk Leather

Elk leather is stronger and heavier than deer leather, but not as thick as bison. It is very soft and supple to the touch, stretches less than deer, and wears better. It is prized for its texture and unique grain, which is distinctive from any other kind of leather. Elk leather is rarer and more expensive than deer due to it's seasonal availability. Beaverhead Treasures only uses USA sourced Elk.



Goat Leather

Goatskin is more durable than cowhide. It is softer and more supple because of the lanolin in the leather. This lightweight hide is flexible, so you typically do not have to break in goatskin products. It is more durable than cowhide and is water-resistant. Goatskin is warm, but breathable, so it is comfortable to wear. Goatskin has a pebble-like grain with distinctive ridges. Goatskin leather is produced into straight-grained leather that is rolled in the same direction while it is drying. Crushed goatskin is rolled and ironed to flatten the ridges. Kidskin is from young goats and is very soft. Beaverhead Treasures only uses Italian sourced goatskin.



Lambskin Leather

Lambskin is a type of leather made only from the hide of young sheep. Unlike most other animal hides that are used for leather, lambskin is more delicate, and tanning must be done more gently. It is softer and more supple than other leathers, more expensive, and is considered more luxurious. Besides being smooth and silky, it is insulative and protective, especially for its thinness. However, it is not as durable and may be easily damaged. Beaverhead Treasures primarily uses Italian sourced lamb.



Sheepskin Hair On Leather

The fleece of sheepskin has excellent insulating properties and it is also resistant to flame and static electricity. Wool is considered by the medical profession to be hypoallergenic. Sheepskin refers to the hide of a sheep used with the wool still attached. Usually, the wool side faces into the garment or accessory, but it can also be made reversible. The wool can be ironed, which means straightened to yield a smooth, fur-like appearance, or it can be left naturally curly. Whichever way the wool is styled, this is the warmest leather available. Beaverhead Treasures primarily uses Italian sourced sheep.