I Hail from "Big Sky Country" Montana 

Beaverhead Treasures creates distinctive products from a western perspective specializing in hand crafted "Made in Montana" quilts, leather goods and quality quilting supplies. My shop has a split personality, part handmade, part quilt shop. Customer service and quality tie the two halves together.

About the Owner

I live in a rural farming and ranching area in southwest Montana, so less than a handful of neighbors within 5 square miles. I try to keep the carbon footprint of my products low by employing Eco-Friendly practices while creating items from natural materials sourced locally and from the USA.

Beautiful high-end materials are used in every handmade piece and all designs are original. I do custom work in my mediums of leather and fabric.

The fabrics and patterns available for purchase are used day to day, so I know they work well. The themes you find here relate to nature, animals, or represent the history of quilting... all topics I love.

Quality is very important, you should get something wonderful for your hard earned money. Every item is checked before shipping and your items are packaged with care.

Beaverhead Treasures is a Veteran Owned Business
Women Owned Small Business