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You carry mostly Hoffman Fabrics batiks, what makes them so special?

Hoffman Fabrics Craftsmanship

Hoffman Fabrics Sustainable Batik Plant

Batik Cotton Fabrics

What is Batik Fabric?

Where is Batik Fabric made?

How do I pre-wash Batik Fabrics?

What is Retayne and how is it used?

What steps are used to make a Batik Fabric?

Organic Cotton Fabrics

What makes Birch Fabrics cotton 100% organic and is it certified?

Fabric Care Instructions

General cotton fabric care instructions unless otherwise noted on the listing page.

How do I care for my organic cotton fabric from Birch Fabrics?

Fabric Measurements

What does BTY mean?

What is a Fat Quarter compared to a Standard Quarter Yard?

I'm metric, so how do I convert inches to centimeters?

What does fabric repeat?

Mattress Sizes

Common Mattress Bed Sizes

Common Mattress Depths


How are my fabrics cut and packaged for shipping?

How are my handmade purchases packaged for shipping?


What Are My Payment Options?

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